How to Cut Moving Costs--Without Doing It All Yourself

Sep - 09 - 2019 Quality Moving Experts

Moving can be an exhausting and stressful event, but in addition to the time and effort it takes, it also comes with a price tag. With all the expenses associated with moving to a new home, you might be tempted to handle all the moving themselves, in order to cut costs. But there are better ways that you can reduce expenses without burdening yourself with all of the hassles of a move. Here are a few suggestions.

Declutter and Have a Yard Sale

Much of the cost of moving is associated with just how much stuff you have. The more boxes you have, the more a mover will charge you, the more packing supplies you’ll need, and the larger your moving truck needs to be. So, one of the best things you can do to reduce your moving costs is to declutter your home.

Go through your possessions several months before your move and decide what you need to keep, and what you can get rid of. Not only will this reduce the cost of your move, but it also allows you to have a yard sale of any items that you won’t be moving with you. This can help you raise funds to offset the costs of moving even further.

And, as an added bonus, you won’t have nearly as many possessions to pack, saving yourself time and effort!

Figure Out What Services You Need

While you really shouldn’t try to do all of the moving yourself—this increases the odds of items being damaged, and leaves you without the protection of mover’s insurance—that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a mover to handle every single part of the move for you. So, take some time to decide which services you really need, and which ones you can handle yourself.

If you have the time and the confidence to safely pack all of your possessions yourself, then you probably don’t need to pay for a full-service mover. Instead, you can save some money by opting to have the movers simply load the boxes into the truck, drive it to your new location, and unload the truck into your new home.

You may also have the option of having your movers supply the packing materials. However, if you have a more affordable way to get those materials yourself, you can opt out of this service. (More on that below.)

You’ll also want to assess how much furniture you have, and any other large items that require special handling. Pianos are a common example of household items that need special care. If you have a piano, be sure to bring this up when getting a quote from your movers, as it will impact the costs.

Don’t Pay for Packing Supplies

As mentioned above, most moving companies can provide packing supplies for you. They can also often be purchased from a variety of stores. However, why pay for boxes and other packing materials if you can get them for free? Here are a few places that you can look to get free packing supplies:

  • Stores – Stop in at a few local grocery stores and ask if they have any boxes they can give you. It is usually best to stop by in the morning, when they’ve just finished unloading their shipments. Typically, grocers are happy to hand off boxes to you instead of worrying about disposing of them themselves.
  • Online listings – Websites for listing classifieds, like Craigslist, will often have listings of packing materials, and they’re usually free. These typically come from others who have recently moved and are looking to get rid of the packing materials quickly. This is a great way to get your hands on boxes, bubble wrap, and more.
  • Friends and neighbors – If you know you’re moving in the next few months, let your friends and neighbors know, and ask them to hang onto any decently sized boxes or packing materials they may have. You might be surprised by how many people will give you those empty Amazon boxes.
  • Personal shipments – Speaking of Amazon boxes, hang onto any boxes or packing materials you may get when you receive packages. Don’t toss out free packing materials that are delivered right to your door!

Obviously, acquiring packing materials in this way takes more time than just buying the materials. So, plan ahead and start your box hunt several months in advance. It might take some effort, but it will significantly reduce your moving costs.

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