Making Your Brand-New House Feel Like a Home for the Holidays

Dec - 09 - 2019 Quality Moving Experts

Moving during the holidays can be difficult on everyone in your family. You might feel like you’re completely missing out on the holiday season, because you’re too busy focused on the move and settling into your new home to do all the things you’d normally do together. If you’ve just moved into a new home, and you’re worried about it feeling homey for the upcoming holidays, here are a few tips that might help.

Follow the Same Traditions

Traditions are an important part of the holidays. Every family has their own traditions, whether it’s baking cookies, driving around town to see the Christmas lights, or decorating their home in a certain way. As much as you can, try to stick to these old traditions in your new home. They will help to give the place a sense of familiarity, especially for your children who may be struggling to adapt to this change.

By bringing those traditions into your new house, you’ll be making it feel more like home during the holidays. And, if your traditions include things like bringing baked goodies to neighbors or driving around to see Christmas lights, they can be a great way to get to know your new neighborhood and those that live in it too!

Write a Special Letter to Santa

Many younger children might worry about Santa being unable to find them in their new home to bring them presents. So, allow them to write a special letter to Santa, letting him know what your new address is. This helps alleviate some of the worry your child might be experiencing so that they can focus on simply enjoying the holiday.

Don’t Skimp on the Decorations

In the midst of all the unpacking and reorganizing you’re likely doing, the thought of putting up Christmas decorations might seem like it’s too much. You might feel that it’s simpler to just hang your stockings and put an undecorated tree in the corner. While this is definitely easier, it doesn’t help your new place to really feel like home, and it doesn’t help to bring the holiday spirit into the home either.

So, though it may take a bit more effort, try not to skimp on those decorations. If you have to, focus on completely unpacking and setting up whichever room you’re going to put most of your decorations in (basically, wherever you’re putting the tree). That way, you know that room is finished, and you don’t have to unpack and put up home décor around any erected Christmas decorations.

Pick Out Gifts for the House

In the spirit of giving, why not allow your children to select Christmas presents that are “for the house”? Odds are, there are a few things that you’ll need to buy after moving in. You can turn these essentials into something fun that will help your kids deal with this transition, while also bringing in the holiday spirit. Let your kids pick out a few “gifts” for the new house when you go shopping.

Some ideas might include a new shower curtain and matching bathroom accessories, a potted plant for the front porch, new dishes, or a rug for the play room. You can have as much or as little input on these gifts as you would like, but do try to make your children feel as if they are actually choosing gifts, rather than just helping you shop for some necessities.

Have People Over

Homes and holidays have one important thing in common: They’re not complete without the people we love. So, consider inviting over a few friends or family members. And try not to stress about having your home completely set up before doing this; people understand that you’re still settling in, and they’re not going to be bothered by a few unpacked boxes stacked in the corners of the room.

You can even be eating off of paper plates, because you haven’t yet unpacked your own dishes. What really matters is bringing warmth, laughter, and love into the home. Whether you’re inviting over family members or some new neighbors, few things will make your new house feel like a home as quickly as having company. So bake up some Christmas cookies, pour the eggnog, and fill your house with a little love. It’ll feel just like home in no time at all.

Being in a new home for the holidays can feel a little unsettling. You might feel like you’re in a strange place at the one time of year when you must want to feel at home. But with these tips, you can settle in and have the homey holiday feeling in no time.

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